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My name is Chloë Lau. I am from Zwolle, The Netherlands and I am of a quarter Chinese and the rest Dutch. I have been traveling since I was in my mother's belly. Okay, officially that doesn't really count as traveling but it shows that I obtained my traveling spirit from both of my parents. They have traveled the world before they had me and later with my brother, and afterwards they took us everywhere with them. We would travel with Harley Davidsons and our car. Until I was twelve years old my parents would pick a country based on its direction: East, West, North or South and we would just go. Packed with camping gear my parents and I would drive until we would found a place to stay. If it was fun we would stay there for a while and if not, we would just pack up our bags the next day and go find a new place. My first time on a plane (without being in my mother's belly) was when I was twelve. We went on a two-week holiday to the Greek island Crete. I was scared as they told us we were flying over a country at war, but in the end my fear was for nothing. After that I loved flying so much, I could not wait to go somewhere again! My first big trip was in 2006, when I went to China for the first time with my parents and brother. I instantly fell in love with the country. Ever since I went back two times and during the third visit I met my fiancé. I have traveled to countries such as: Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Turkey, Greek Islands; Kos and Crete, Italy, Czech Republic and Slovakia (then Czechoslovakia), Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK, USA, China. Still on my list are: Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, Vietnam, and South Africa. I would also like to discover more of China and the US.

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